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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important chemical for a wide variety of industries. All kinds of different companies buy CO2 gas because it can be used in so many different ways. Most of our clients are in the industrial and commercial spaces, and businesses in emerging industries are always finding new ways to use this chemical as they improve operations.

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Why Buy Bulk CO2?

Carbon dioxide gas is useful for everything from fighting fires to manufacturing electrical equipment. This chemical is stable and easy to work with, which is part of the reason it’s in such high demand. Many companies buy CO2 tanks in smaller quantities, but some industries require massive amounts of this gas. Many of our clients that buy in bulk use the gas for cannabis extraction and beverage carbonation, among other things.

CO2 Extraction

The exploding popularity of cannabis concentrates has increased the demand for carbon dioxide. Some labs choose CO2 extraction over butane hash oil extraction or propane hash oil extraction because of how safe carbon dioxide is. After cooling and compressing the gas, labs can perform supercritical CO2 extraction to create premium concentrates.

CO2 Carbonation

One of the biggest reasons people buy bulk CO2 is to create carbonated beverages. Using pure carbon dioxide is important when it comes to getting the flavor, scent, and carbonation levels just right. That’s why we use a proprietary cleaning method to ensure pure CO2 gas.

CO2 Bulk Tanks for Sale

With 15 years of packaged gas experience, our team at AdChem is ready to keep your supply chain consistent. We even offer same-day distribution to labs in the San Francisco Bay, Humbolt, and Trinity County areas. Call us to buy bulk CO2 today.

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