About Us

National Lab Chemical & Hydrocarbon Supplier

AdChem was created as a personal, independently owned, cost-effective alternative to large corporations with the sole purpose of offering our clients the highest quality gasses and solvents, no matter the complexity or size of the project. 

With over 30 years combined experience, our purpose is to meet any and all of your needs around the gas and solvent industry and distribution. 

Our direct industry knowledge and overall goal to deliver services at a personal level lead the way for a comprehensive experience with outstanding final results. At AdChem our clients are most important, so quality and personal relationships are at the forefront of all transactions. You and your project’s success are our foremost priority.


AdChem is a leading distributor specializing in high purity gases for cannabis manufacturing labs and cultivation sites across the US. With strategically located brick and mortar facilities in:

We ensure reliable and efficient distribution to meet our customers’ needs.


At AdChem, we offer:

  • Superior Distribution: We ship products nationwide, with Direct Same-Day Delivery in CA, CO, and Southern OR!
  • Purity: Our hydrocarbons are over 99.8% pure and we use a proprietary, in-house Interior Cylinder Cleaning Method to ensure purity levels are never compromised!
  • Quality Experience & Service: Ownership has 30 years of experience with unsurpassed distribution and customer service! 

You Come First! We ensure your business and labs are always supplied to maximize uptime!

In-House Packaging and Manufacturing:

AdChem stands out by handling all packaging and manufacturing processes in-house. We produce dry ice, package hydrocarbons, nitrogen, CO2, and store solvents in bulk at our warehouses. This end-to-end control allows us to optimize the supply chain and ensure quality.

Complete Range of Products:

Our extensive product range includes: dry ice, CO2, nitrogen, high purity butane, propane, isobutane, and dual or tri blends.

We also offer food-grade ethanol (denatured and undenatured), isopropyl, acetone, heptane, hexane, methanol, pentane, Chemtek media, Carbon Chemistry media, and Media Bros media.

AdChem is your one-stop shop for all lab solvents, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

Controlled Supply Chain:

By employing our own hazmat drivers and owning our trucks, AdChem maintains complete control over the supply chain. This ensures timely deliveries, enhances reliability, and provides peace of mind to our customers.

Cost Savings:

AdChem delivers cost savings through various means:

  • First, our in-house manufacturing reduces dependency on external suppliers, allowing us to optimize costs.
  • Second, our complete product range enables customers to consolidate their orders, eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Lastly, our new gas line, Perseus completely mitigates the “Medusa stone/fast crash” phenomenon, that so many labs are experiencing eliminates the need for costly in-house media remediation and saving labs thousands of dollars.

Call us today to find out how we at AdChem can take care of all of your gas, solvent, and dry ice needs!

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