General FAQ

Reaching out to one of our sales representatives or filling out the contact form online is the best way to get a quote from AdChem. We will ask which gases/solvents you need and how much you use per month to get you the best rate. Our sales representatives will also ask about some key features about your facility for freight logistics.

Email, Phone, Text. Let your sales representative know you’re ready to place an order! They’ll send an invoice from our accounting department and get your delivery scheduled.

We accept all major credit cards with a 3.5% processing fee, ACH transfers, wire transfers, and more. Reach out to us with any questions about payments.

We do our best to have the most competitive market rates. If you have a quote for your sales representative to beat, send it to us and they’ll do their best to make it happen.

Cancellation fees are on a case by case basis. If we came to your facility and you cancel, the delivery fee is still applicable.

Case by case basis. We don’t accept any used product back. If a cylinder is faulty and there was loss of gas because of our machinery or cylinder then a refund may be issued.

LP239 Tank Deposits are $225, Dry Ice bins are $650

Delivery Questions

Your order will be delivered by our warehouse teams and in house hazmat drivers in local markets and freight partners nationwide.

Great Question. We do not have 24 hour delivery drivers at every location. We have a cut-off time that all same-day orders must be placed by 2pm of the respective time zone and be within a certain distance from our local distribution hub to qualify for same-day delivery.  For more information regarding your specific situation, please call us at 510-725-7841.

Yes, your sales representative or dispatch should keep you updated about your delivery.

If you are near-ish one of our local distribution hubs and are curious whether or not we deliver to your specific area, please call us at 510-725-7841 and one of our friendly sales representatives will be able to help.