In recent years, butane extraction processes in cannabis labs have led to an increased demand for hydrocarbons. Many labs have been left wondering where to buy butane, especially when they need it quickly to keep their operations continuous. Here at AdChem, we’ve become the trusted butane supplier for labs all over the United States thanks to our high-purity gasses, fast distribution, and responsive customer service.

About Our Butane

Butane is extracted from natural gas or refinery gasses by removing other hydrocarbons like propane and pentane. From there, n-butane and isobutane can be further separated through a distillation process. Before you buy, it’s important to know how pure butane is. A product is considered to be chemically pure at 99%, but we provide hydrocarbons that are 99.8% pure.

We use state of the art processes to maintain that level of quality and consistency. For example, our proprietary interior cylinder cleaning method purifies tanks between fillings to ensure that the product will not be compromised. When you buy 100lb cylinders of butane from AdChem, you can be completely confident that you’re not getting contaminated hydrocarbons.

This is important to cannabis dispensaries and licensed cannabis extraction companies that use our butane as a solvent. BHOs and other products produced with our hydrocarbons will offer high quality and purity. The high boiling point of butane also allows for extraction at a low temperature, preserving terpenes and producing a more flavorful concentrate.

100lb Butane Cylinder Supplier

At AdChem, we ship our hydrocarbons nationwide. We even offer direct same-day distribution to labs in California, Colorado, and Southern Oregon. With 15 years of experience distributing packaged gas, our leadership knows what it takes to protect your supply chain and enable uptime. Contact us today to buy butane or other hydrocarbons and lean on our distribution expertise.


Butane – 120LB Cylinder

100 lb US DOT cylinder fitted with CGA 510 or 555
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