Propane – 100LB Cylinder

Holds 100 lbs of propane.
100 lb US DOT cylinder fitted with CGA 510 or 555.

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If your company isolates chemical compounds from plant matter, you understand how important it is to use the most efficient extraction techniques. Many industries employ butane as their primary solvent, but this gas alone can’t extract every compound. With the addition of propane to your process, you can improve your yield. 

Why Use Propane?

With a growing natural gas industry, propane is becoming more affordable. Creating a butane-propane mixture for extraction allows you to cut costs and still reap maximum profits. Additionally, propane is non-toxic, making it an excellent solvent for use with consumables and products that come into contact with the skin:

    • Fragrance ingredients
    • Flavors
    • Spices 

What Factors Do You Need To Consider During the Extraction Process?

Chemical compounds can be affected by temperature and pressure. While this is useful for extraction, a careless process can damage the resulting products, rendering them less pure and, therefore, less valuable.

One of propane’s most advantageous qualities is its low boiling point. Because propane can remain gaseous well below zero degrees Fahrenheit, it’s invaluable if you want to keep pressure high without risking high temperatures. 

Why Do High-Quality Solvents Matter?

Your clients are likely concerned with the purity of their compounds. After all, if they’re selling the products or using them in their manufacturing, they need precise control over the chemical makeup. When you use high-purity solvents, you can predict exact results. That means minimal risk of solvents or undesired compounds remaining.

Where Can You Get Quality Solvents?

If you need to secure a propane extraction supply, look no further than Adchem. We offer reliable delivery, ensuring your business remains on schedule. Additionally, we promise the highest quality solvents containing at least 99.8% hydrocarbon.

Your customers have high standards, so why settle for anything less than the best? To order propane for extractions or learn more about our products, give us a call at (510) 725-7841 or contact us online.

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